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It was during 1985 summer holidays, right after my tenth standard exams. There was plenty of time and there was nothing much to do. After talking to a few friends, I decided to learn how to type from a nearby institute. At the institute there were about a dozen Remington typewriters. People can sign up for an hourly session during the weekdays. It was to cost Rs 30/month. I was assured that I can learn how to type and even appear for a “lower” test within two months. I was excited. All I had to do was get my dad’s approval….

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Nelapogula Upper Primary School

by Sahadev Komaragiri


Nelapogula is a small village that is about 100 kilometers from Hyderabad and about an hour’s drive from Warangal. It is part of the Jangaon town in Warangal district in the newly carved state of Telangana. I had the opportunity of visiting this village three times in the last few months. Each of my visits landed me at an Upper Primary School run by the state Government.

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As I was reading Ramayanam, a few days back,  I could not help notice a very profound statement made by the author in his introduction chapter. He wrote that he read Ramayanam several times – mostly out of choice and sometimes when he had no other choice. No other choice meant that he was forced to read Ramayanam due to some unforeseen circumstances in his life.  As he was growing up, he mentions that, he saw his dad read Ramayanam with a towel wrapped around his head. Several times behind the veil of his towel, with his head immersed in an open book of  Ramayanam, his dad was found weeping. The beauty of Ramayanam, its profound philosophies, and deep value systems melts anyone into an intense joy; the joy  that can only get expressed through a bountiful flow of tears. No wonder Ramayanam has such a powerful influence on its translators, readers, listeners and commentators.

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