As part of the work that I do for Soham Academy of Human Excellence, I identified a grand new idea that will have tremendous all round impact on my kids. This is an unintended positive consequence. This post is all about this grand new project and how it works. This project shall not be a secret project. It will be open to all and whoever wants to use the products coming out of this project may do so without any restraint. You have my word!  Continue Reading…


Soon after our return to India, the first one year of my work in the field of education was at a rural school in Nandigama. On many occasions I claimed that that one year of my life was the most precious and the most memorable year ever. I put in a lot of time, energy and resources into the school work. It worked out great for the school and for me and Sobha as well.

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Lost Wallet in Honest Hands

by Sahadev Komaragiri

walletYashoda is a student at a government high school in Warangal. She is in 9th standard. She goes to her school on her bicycle. One day as she was going to the school she saw something on the road. She got down from her bicycle and picked it up. It was a wallet! She opened it to see what is in it. It has some one hundred rupee notes. This treasure belongs to someone in her village. What should she do with the wallet? Tension gripped her. She put the wallet in her school bag and started going towards the school.

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